My Roaring Twenties

Trigger warning: gun violence.
Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? In a situation so foreign and unbelievable that for a seconds the world freezes and you are left standing there wondering how something so alien could have happened. Thursday I found myself dressed for bed when the night was paused.

Bang (a car backfiring, firecrackers, where is the echo)… bangbangbang.
In seconds (or was it minutes) it seemed like my family was at the door (“Whose weren’t fireworks” “Stay inside”) and I was six again to scared of getting in trouble to move. My parents were across the street in seconds and my dad was back searching for a first aid kit. I don’t know where my mom was but I could hear her pleading with him to stay here.
Where was the ambulance….
On Friday I sat at work trying to explain to a friend…

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