Failure in Late Capitalism

There are many, many posts I begin but never manage to complete. Such is the way of life, I think, but hopefully I’ll finish this one because it’s on the important side.

My sister and I had a conversation recently about failure. About how we both live with a constant sense of having failed in our lives no matter the milestones or personal goals we have achieved.

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I dreamt songs of hospitality, singing asylum to those fleeing storm and rout, cruelty and despair. It was a simple rule to live by: give home, give warmth, give food, give hope. In a major key lilting between harmonic minors like a call to prayer echoing over a cityscape older than my bloodline could hope to be. No matter how many mothers I can count back this song is older. Open your doors. Hold out your palms. Trace those lines of homehearthearth branching toward arteries and soul.

5.1.17 rlb


Anti-Intellectualism & Education Theory, pt. 2

Instead of staying up in the airy space of theoretical perspectives and academia while pondering the problem of U.S. students being failed by our Education system I’ve been trying to spend the last few years getting to the root of the problem instead. (Yes, I’ve been thinking about a problem longer than I’ve kept this blog. Shocking, I know.)

The question I’ve come up with to address that root is this: Why is the United States so rabidly anti-intellectual?

Yeah, because that’s going to be a simple question to answer.

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Anti-Intellectualism & Education Theory, pt. 1

An ink-eater has a great number of thoughts about the systematic decline of the U.S. Education system and wants to talk about it. More below.

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The Evening After Politicians Make Terrible Decisions

Yes, I know, you are scared. Yes, I know, you are grieving. Yes, I know, you are weary, you are sick, you are dying, you are rage. You are. And so you will continue to be. But will you let them feast on the soft sweet meat of your belly while you lie prone helpless or shoot you in the back for sport while you run blind screaming impotent? Turn your eye toward your fear your anger your despair– from where has it come? Where is it going? Harness it. Ride it. Generations before you have faced down ranks on the back of the same beast. This is your inheritance.

5.4.17 rlb