East Berlin: An Oracle from Audre Lorde

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

5ab655e9615f266f4579275b9f630879You are wondering whether or not you will have to punch a Nazi.  You are wondering how these Nazi’s got so much political power in the United States.   As always, turn to the Lorde.  Audre Lorde responded to Nazi violence in the streets and in the legislature in Germany at the end of her life with protest and passion.  This is an alphabetized oracle (proper nouns mostly excluded) from her poem “East Berlin.”

For a longer article that contextualizes this within my research on Audre Lorde see my piece over at Bitch Media: https://bitchmedia.org/article/andre-lordes-abcs-fighting-facism

To activate the oracle think of your question for this political moment.  Choose a letter of the alphabet that you associate with that question and scroll down to the relevant letter.  Meditate on the words, create your own poem prompted by them, do what feels right to you.  If your letter has no words in this…

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We all have demons that we would rather forget. For each person they this means something different and generally doesn’t stop at just one. A huge demon for me would be anorexia and if there is one thing that I have learned over the years is that sometimes it is easier to let those demons […]

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Face your demons and beat them back, come back breathing, corporeal, not strictly whole. Am i trying hard enough yet am i allowed to want to die? No. Regret is stronger than gratitude though so I could look forward to the flowers on my grave then. But at least if she dies you’ll get the insurance payout. I will never live it down, getting angry at you for that one. I will never open my mouth again put pen to paper again because every time everything that comes out of it is poison sick a thumbprint of the evil at the back of my throat under my spine lining my skull. How long will it take before it besmirches everything I interact with? Forgive me for not handling this with the grace you think I should have. They didn’t cover this in any of my undergrad classes. Whatever came out of the hospital wasn’t me. No one likes the things it has to say and it is composed only of impulsive grief and rage, only useful in its studious silence of which there is never enough. Would it make a sound like an egg shell if I cracked its skull open on the sidewalk spilled ink yolk across the pavement and wrote out the evil and robbed it of speech instead?

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Mortality is beautiful here. Shards of rock from space, mighty skeletons, and ancient imprints fossilised. Eternity is incomprehensible, as we walk hand-in-hand around history posed neatly. How are we supposed to understand ourselves in all this vastness? How are we supposed to comprehend this vastness from ourselves? Everything is decay. We kiss under the aged bones of a blue wale, the might in the fragility of existence, hung above our heads.

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The Company would like to apologize For awful acting, disgusting disguise Sloppy scripts, and lost lines For 21 boring years that brought sleep to your eyes. Fear not, apathetic audience, for the show has come to a close You’ll soon be rid of our pathetic prose ’tis an honor to be remembered, though the shallowest of shows The […]

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